Fresh… New… Real


Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be. ~ Eckhart Tolle

True words from a master thinker. And here I am – reinventing my personal blog, and getting all serious about it, EVEN THOUGH I’m purposefully using Eckhart’s wisdom to remind myself not to. I guess…when one truly cares, one tends to take things seriously.

I started this site probably about five years ago. It has had a few incarnations, mostly to promote my heart and soul’s work – a trilogy I’d written. I’m still proud of the books and in no way do I feel I should remove ‘older’ posts. I choose to rather see the old posts – leading up to this one – as a journey.

So what’s my intention with this new manifestation?

To share. To think. And to share some more. And to do it all without pretense or the need to ‘impress’ or gain ‘Likes’ or hashtags or whatever the catch-phrases for 2018 will be.

I’ve been an illustrator, designer and writer for 20 years. My clients, friends and family receive the best I can possibly give in talent, energy and guidance. And in return, I receive all of that back in abundance.

But I want to give more. And to do so, I need to write more. Yes of course more books are in the pipeline, however, sometimes I just want to write a brief blog on ‘something’. Whether it’s about life, society (oh gods there can be SO much written about the modern world!), love, existence, spirituality, motivation, questioning, thinking, challenging and then wrapping it all up and redoing it again.

Because I can. And I will.

Along the way I hope to advance a few readers and even receive some input from creative thinkers… And if not. Well. I won’t take it too seriously (I promise, Eckhart!)

Chat/blog/think soon! And remember, all these views are my own 🙂




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