“All magic lies in words,

Yet lies dormant till those be spoken,

For only breath can animate them.”   – Tommy Wendt

Add the gift of art and illustration, and you have the recipe for real magic; the power of words, and the wizardry of art to move emotions. ~ JH

Jeanine’s extensive professional background includes children’s book illustration & publication, comic book art & publishing, book cover art, console game design and fantasy art. Currently she writes and illustrates full time and is focussing on bringing worlds and characters to Kindle and its fantasy fans!

The “Nhakira Trilogy” will be her first publication series exclusively to Amazon Kindle, followed by various other titles, including “The Battle of Shadow & Light Faeries”.

To stay updated with Jeanine’s book release news and Amazon links, follow her on Twitter, follow this Blog and connect with her on Facebook!

Mailing lists will be announced soon!

For Jen’s full professional background and Art Gallery visit: http://www.jeaninehenning.com

Welcome to Jen’s Blog – and HAVE FUN with all her books and characters!


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