NHAKIRA: Book 1 “Chosen”

NOW Available on Kindle!

“Become immersed in this one-of-a-kind Young Adult fantasy that won’t be soon forgotten.” – The Kindle Book Review

“A story of magic, power, and escapism…” – The Indie Author News

Nhakira, a rebellious and abused young slave, is about to find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time…

In a world where magic, freedom, and liberty is banned by Mathus, a dictatorial sorcerer, Nhakira is mistakenly given the power meant for a Farinian warrior. A prophecy and plan forged centuries before her birth, to liberate the world of Amyr from Mathus’ brutal reign, is ruined within the blink of an eye.

Now, the fate of Amyr rests in Nhakira’s hands, as she must embark on a journey that will ultimately lead to a battle of power and magic. She is joined by a Dreamcharmer magician named Sal, who must use all his magical craft and wisdom in attempt to salvage the fumbled prophecy. He guides Nhakira as her powers develop, even though she resists the new responsibility. Along the way they meet Tamor, an Aquilon stallion with an attitude that rival Nhakira’s, and Scowler, a mysterious loner who lives in exile from his barbaric tribe, and hides a deep secret. Together this unlikely group of friends are constantly on the run from Mathus and his Deharch Force.

This journey is a riveting ride with Nhakira and her friends, as they unlock ancient secrets that will ultimately guide her toward that which she is supposed to become: the savior.

If you’re looking for a fantasy novel offering more than the average story, this book is for you. “Chosen” is a multi-layered YA fantasy that transports the reader to a world that offers characters, languages, realms and magic unique to Nhakira’s universe. It is a journey of adventure, wisdom and humor. The reader will go to an underwater kingdom, meet the magical Dreamcharmers, witness torture scenes with dark magic, and discover peculiar new creatures and disturbingly malefic enemies. You might even end up learning something about yourself.



“A story of magic, power, and escapism…” – The Indie Author News

“…I want to make a prediction: “Chosen” is freshly published, but when this book kicks off and gets discovered, its going to spread like fire.” – Amazon Review

“…The book was pure escapism. I was transported to a world of magic created by her words. It’s always a good read if the author can create visions in your mind using words.” – Amazon Review

“Fantasy has always been a great escape from life’s many burdens, but Nhakira is magic all on its own! With her courageous and stubborn attitude she shows us all how to take our lives and create a little magic. Jeanine’s style of writing is true storytelling, and I can’t wait for Book 2!” – Jo Fielding (Jewellery Designer & Alchemist)

“Original, fun, gripping! Nhakira is definitely a whole new character in this genre – love her rebelliousness – and the bad guys are BAD. Loved the book! And Jeanine knows how to make sure you want to read the next page! Bring on Book 2!” – Mandy Lancellas (Glass Artist & Surf Coach)

“I really enjoyed this book, with all the magic and imagination!! And I especially loved the idea of a strong female character, finding herself, and challenging what the ‘norm’ should be. It’s the type of book I hope my daughter will read and enjoy one day!” – Nadia van Vuuren (GM, Virgin Active)

Nhakira “Chosen” NOW Available on Amazon Kindle:

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/NHAKIRA-Book-Chosen-TRILOGY-ebook/dp/B0091JGKFA
US: http://www.amazon.com/NHAKIRA-Book-Chosen-TRILOGY-ebook/dp/B0091JGKFA


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