“Nhakira” Quotes

“It gets tedious and I don’t really care to find out what happens when a Dreamcharmer loses its temper… Who knows? Maybe you’ll shoot a fireball up my ‘chosen’ butt.” – Nhakira to Sal, “Chosen”

“In case you did not notice, my people have no brain evolution priorities and they don’t care to tell us low lives and slaves about our history or that of Amyr.” – Nhakira to Sal, “Chosen”

“You do know where we’re going, don’t you? Because I am going blind in this sun and soon I will dry out like a dead bug from this heat. Not a nice thing to happen to the savior. I’m sure Mathus will not find a dried out Farinian very threatening. At worst he’ll gag when confronted with my repugnant remains. Or he’ll like it. You never know with evil tyrants.” – Nhakira to Sal, “Chosen”

“Oh grow up you big beast of burden!” – Nhakira to Tamor “Chosen”

“I always believed in following with your mind and heart in perfect partnership. Without the heart the mind is blind, and without the mind the heart is wild…” – Penthion, Supreme Sorcerer, “Chosen”

“Sometimes, reality is the illusion, and the truth only visible where our eyes can’t see.” – Lady Lalaigne, “Chosen”

“No one can be chosen for anything, unless we choose to be chosen…” – Mustarf, Supreme Sorcerer, “Chosen”

“No! I will not go in there. Do I look like a fish to you? Look at me! Wings, not fins. Wings! I am a creature of flight, you are a creature of weird sand slithering and ocean swimming. Huge difference, huge!” – Nhakira while being forced by Ular under water, “Chosen”

“Oh that’s right water gulper. Pick on someone ten times smaller than you. I’m sure they will give you the special salted seaweed award for this! With sea insects as garnish.” – Nhakira to Ular, “Chosen”

“You are everything you should be, and all that is enough. Be proud of who you are, and love who you will become.” – Lady Lalaigne to Nhakira, “Chosen”

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